Formula Face – Use your face as the controller

I love creative and Tech mash ups, so here’s an interesting one from Red bull they have launched a new online racing game called Formula Face, what’s interesting is that it uses your face as the control. This is an online first – control the game with facial gestures, smart! Turn with head nods to the left and right, make faces for bonus points, turboboost by squinting. Great fun, cool and the facial gestures are worth a look.

Love the playfulness of this game – no controller no keyboard this really opens up possibilities for online gaming and gesture controlled devices. Make sure you have a play the Turbo boost squinting is mighty cool.

Naturally like any good campaign you can upload all your silly faces to Facebook and challenge your friends to see you is the ultimate in Formula Facing!

And too finish of this smart little campaign you can create and print your own Red Bull avatar, nice touch – great work. Play the game – Formula Face


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