Audi A6 Launches a disappointing YouTube Driving Experience

Audi has launched the world’s first interactive YouTube driving experience for the new Audi A6. Take a look at interactive YouTube experience it uses the indexing feature so you can control the video with your keypad numbers, allowing you to jump from section to section to provide the illusion that you are actually controlling the car. But the problem is it doesn’t feel slick, I’m not moved by the experience and it doesn’t fill me with excitement about the cars performance – it’s a clunky way of showing the driving experience – I’m a real Motorhead and I can’t see this appealing to any real drivers.

This is a great example of brands trying too hard to be innovatie using new channels and technology, but failing. Not staying true to what the brand is about is the biggest mistake you can make, knee jerk reactions ‘lets have a Facebook page and Twitter account’ is a dangerous road and i am surprised Audi has jumped on the band wagon. Audi is about the driving experience, their mission statement “We delight customers worldwide” is at the very core of the Company’s drive to become the number one in the premium segment. This Youtube experience is not premium it’s flat.

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