Nokia Gulp shoot by Aardman Digital

Love working @lbilondon for the simple fact it’s a great environment to collaborate and inspire creatives, today we have the lovely folks from Aardman Animations pop in to share some of their recent work and it certainly did not disappoint. Here’s some great clips and behind the scenes footage on the making of their worlds biggest stop motion film.It follows on from last year where Nokia and Aardman successfully broke the record for the world’s smallest animation, with ‘Dot’. The story starts with a lone fisherman who sets off to sea and comes up against the waves, seagulls, fish, all created using massive sand animation, carved in the beach itself. The lone fisherman catches a huge sea monster that, suddenly swallows him…

What’s fantastic is that this was all shot on a Nokia N8 mobile phone on the beach, yes they stepped outside in the realt world and looks like the team lapped it up against some pretty rough conditions, High winds and the tide coming in, where all factors the crew needed to over come. The result is inspiring and impressive, it’s a great example of thinking outside the studio space and taking yourself out the comfort zone to create something beautiful.

What I love about this creative idea is it demonstrates the Nokia Phones capabilities in a much more compelling and inspiring method, simple idea beautifully executed. Three Nokia N8 phones were situated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, UK, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters creating the ‘World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’. A custom made rig was designed to house the N8 handsets, massive sand drawings were made by team of sand artists and 30 art student volunteers, with each art piece being smoothed over and re-drawn every 4-minutes, shooting up to 75 frames per day.

Very impressive hats off to Aardman Digital great behind the scenes videos and great Stop motion.


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