Interactive superwall

Cinemax Strike Back – Superwall Interactive Installation – NYC from Jamil Thompson on Vimeo.

As a digital Creative I’ve dreamed of studios with interactve Walls, so brainstorms and Jamm sessions can flow effortlessly, so seeing this gives me a glimmer of hope.

A very cool interactive superwall in New York City, on 34th street. It’s for Cinemax’s new show called “Strike Back”. The SuperWall is essentially a massive interactive digital billboard spanning 18x 46 inch touch screen LCD’s that deliver a multi-faceted experience to passers by, though playing HD video across all screens.

The SuperWall incorporates various motion sensors to help drive user interaction on the wall, allowing them to explore a range of great interactive content across one screen, or multiple. Via. I want one of these for the studio please!


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Creative Director at Framestore VR Studio

One response to “Interactive superwall”

  1. smartman says :

    Wow!!! I wonder if the interactive wall is still up! I hope it is.. I will go to NY just to experience it if it is still up. Cinemax is doing it big. They have a great show line up ranging from Strike Back to Nemesis. Check out their site.

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