DDB’s Wheel Of Concept


So apparently Tribal DDB has the answer to all our creative woes! The agency has come up with the Wheel of Concept, a website where you simply enter the client’s name, spin the wheel, and voila the perfect idea ready in dazzling PDF form. The wheel lands on an idea (they include check-ins, QR codes, ‘viral’ and other ‘of the moment’ trends). The idea is based on the presumption that ideas are easy to generate, so you input your brands name and spin the wheel. You can then download the concept in a pdf with all of your branding already incorporated.

So lets test the ‘Wheel of concept’ against our LBi top clients, lloyds, BT, Coke and Virgin Atlantic. Take a look at the ideas not exactly anything you’d really want to get excited about are they and that’s the point?

Coke use QR Codes

LLoyds should be checking in

BT need an online community


Have a spin of the wheel here – Wheel of Conceptlet me know what you think.


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Creative Director at Framestore VR Studio

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