Design your Life better

Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about ‘Work + Life’ balance, it’s something that I feel is so difficult to achieve in the career that I have chosen. The fast-moving world of digital takes no prisoners and the high-profile clients we have @Lbi demand and expect so much more from a Creative Director. The image portrayed in Mad Men of the dashing Don Draper is truly fiction, he doesn’t exist, it’s all fake.

Being a mum of two young boys makes it even more challenging, I’ve battled with the thought that you can never really get the right balance all the time, something along the way has to suffer. The guilt of never picking the kids up from school, missing plays and sports day is really rather tough, so I try to balance out what I miss with the time we spend together. That’s not always so easy when your working long hours and pushing to change the way things are done.

Then I watched this Ted talk by Nigel Marsh, and quite simply it was genius. This is where I had gone wrong trying to do too much when truly in fact it’s the little things in my work + life i need to adjust to maintain that balance. Watch this space  – over the next six months I will try the ‘Mummy Experiment’ and see what little changes I can make, and how they impact work + home.

What are your tips and thoughts on work life balance please share I’ll try them out!


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2 responses to “Design your Life better”

  1. Yasmin says :

    Good luck chicken with this enormous task. If anyone can achieve it, then it’s got to be you!!
    I look forward to following the progress of the Mummy Experiment.

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