Cameronsbeebeard needs your support

Pay attention lovely people the honey bees need your help! The number of honey bees in the UK has halved over the past 15 years; that is really serious and it’s down to us to do something about this and turn their fate around. Fewer bees in our fields means less food for us and less cash for the Kingdom. In fact, due to their vital role in the agricultural process, honey bees are estimated to be worth around £200million to the British economy, so it’s worth saving them.

Here’s what you can do… Tweet a message of support to our very special bee beard. Once we’ve collected 10,000 of your tweet messages, we’ll hand deliver them to Number 10 on fancy stationary as a proper petition, maybe a few honey bees will come along too.

Show your support and Tweet to the petition, we’ve had 281 tweets so far…….just go to

Re-tweet, blog and share!


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