Iron Man 2 – Where’s the action gone?

Iron Man 2 was a much anticipated movie in our home, having two little boys who are huge fans of the first movie we were looking forward to the second. With the hype prior to the release I was expecting a great show and not forgetting the mega budget costs and newcomers to the Iron Man story. Sadly, I was left rather disappointed, the movie lacked some serious flow and energy I was tempted to fall asleep half way through the middle.

Even with Mickey Rourke, as the Russian baddie called Whiplash, it didn’t have the punch that it so desperately need. the story was so flat but the special effects made a good attempt to cover that up, even though the kids loved certain parts for me the film could have been so much better. Robert Downey is fantastic as you would expect, he got that cocky attitude who sticks two fingers up at the world and does what he wants….we all like that.

I wonder sometimes when they write these scripts don’t they step back and look at whether it’s actually good?


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