Nike Music Shoe – Music to your ears!

Nike trainers have always been about expression, customise them the way you want, run with them, dance with them and now play music with them. In a top secret location in Tokyo, break beat music duo, HIFANA (composed of KEIZOmachine and JUICY)  discovered that Nike Free Run+ running shoes can drop beats.

HIFANA then hooked up the mixers and sound systems to Nike Free Run+ shoes. When bent or twisted, the ultra-flexible Nike Free Run+ drops different tunes and sounds. Furthering proving that every pair of shoes is different and there is a pair for everyone, the Nike Music Shoe video is not just about shoes as instruments. Check out the hopping performance from HIFANA which is signature of their creative and original live performances, and see how Nike shoes can sing different tunes. Music to your feet!

Big shout out to Wieden + Kennedy, Tokyo.


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