Hail the Villan’s Femme Fatale totally rocks

Wonderful marriage of creativity and technology collide in the latest web project for rock act Hail the Villain. With smooth and seamless transitions that leave you breathless and wanting more. Superb art direction and style, set against the repressive Metal City.

HailTheVillain.com is the engaging first chapter in a story where everything is not as it seems, be sure to look carefully for hidden links. As the city’s residents go about their daily lives, Villains, imposters from the Dead Dimension, are roaming their streets undetected, feeding on the innocent as they plan for world domination, got you hooked already right?

Great story and murder to excite users and tease them into the storyline, based around steel factory worker Drake Carter ending his affair with the beautiful co-worker Thea Landa, sparking a chain of events that leads to Drake’s murder at the hands of his former lover and secret Villain as she moves to claim his soul for herself, strong lead female role, liking it so much!

You’ll love the way the time is frozen in that brutal and savage moment, to allows users to navigate through the scene to unlock character back-stories, clues, downloads and to participate in the story by becoming Villains and sharing messages with the band, great interaction matched with impressive delivery.

The concept for the website grew out of a series of sketches the band had created as a rough draft for a comic book, I’m loving this so much I suggest they make a movie out of these formidable characters and engaging story, just love a Femme Fatale don’t you?


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