Virtual Homeless Man projected onto wall NYC

Fantastic idea, using exsisting technologies to really get the message across –  Pathways To Housing & Sarkissian Mason created a “virtual” homeless man, he was then projected onto a wall in NYC, shivering from the cold of a sleepless night, alone, outdoors, he is just one of 40,000 similar people that are homeless in New York.

The campaign was not only about raising awareness but attempting to create some interaction with passers by. The public had the option to interact with the virtual homeless man by SMSing a number that would open a door, for him to get out of the cold and danger.

Compelling idea – I think passers -by felt that instant satisfaction of txting and seeing some impact straight away, and that gave them the feel good factor. These are the types of ideas that cut through and have an emotional connection – don’t you think?

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One response to “Virtual Homeless Man projected onto wall NYC”

  1. Slamdunk says :

    Very creative approach to attracting attention to their problem. Good post.

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