Vodafone’s – Madame Tre Sesti – Get your Social Media reading

Neglecting someone is bad for your karma, says Madame Tre Sesti. Do you want to know your social media Reading? Well do you punk? Then visit Vodafones formidable new campaign for the launch of their new 360 mobile.  http://www.madametresesti.com/

Using Facebook connect, users are treated to a very accurate reading of their social life delivered with superb conviction, by the Lovely Madam Tres Sesti. This site had me hooked from the moment it pulled in all my facebook photos! Hats off to Vodafone for really embracing Facebook and using this campaign to creatively engage the target audience with the information hidden within it, clever.

You can anaylise your social Karma health, love and life and you’ll fall in-love with Mr Tweet, the sleepy social bird. Not only does this digital Psychic look into your Facebook, but she happily interogates your Twitter life too. Smart Cute and exceptionally sticky, I found myself wanting to learn more from Madam Tres Sesti!

But don’t take my word for it, Experience your social360 Reading and remember Madame Tres Sesti see’s all.  Made by Dutch agencies Achtung! and They we salute you!


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Creative Director at AKQA NYC

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