Burger King Whopper Face

Burger Kings sandwiches are made to order just the way you like it Right? Well this video really takes personal service to the next level. Personalised burgers with your face on the wrapper, peoples reactions say it all. (via TongueTalks)


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5 responses to “Burger King Whopper Face”

  1. tokyo5 says :

    What an unusual idea.

    I don’t think that would be popular in Japan though.


    • w3bkitten says :

      Really Why not? Are faces on burgers not a good thing there?

      • tokyo5 says :

        No, not like that.

        I don’t think Japanese people would like having their photo taken while unexpectedly while they’re standing in line at a fast-food place…and then have it put on the food’s wrapper.

        Some people might feel they should wash the wrapper and keep it then.

        I just don’t think that type of thing would catch on here.

        For example, Halloween is a relatively new holiday in Japan. But no one “Trick ‘r Treats”.
        Japanese people wouldn’t feel comfortable knocking on their neighbors’ doors and ask to be given something.

      • w3bkitten says :

        I totally agree with that, infact i wouldn’t like my photo secretly taken, maybe they should have these in banks to put off potiential robbers!
        Whopperface was really quick!

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