Axe’s new facebook application

Here’s the new Facebook campaign from Rexona (Sure in the UK, Degree in the US).

They are launching a deodorant called V12, and as any car fantatic like myself will tell you V12 refers to the horse power you have under the bonner! 😉 Grupow have released this app called “The ultimate Alter Machine” here you can complete a little quiz that allows you to see your personality in the form of a massively tuned car, nice. Hats off to Grupow for some mouthwatering 3d transitions between quiz questions, they are awesome and any one who loves car will enjoy this little app.

This tasty little run around is my Alter Ego  ‘the Royale Road’  – The Royale Road is as fast as a high speed race for a successful career and as powerful as hard investments. It’s worth at least the GDP of a small country… unreachable for the most.

Have a go let me know what your alter ego is!


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2 responses to “Axe’s new facebook application”

  1. Hirsute Gentleman says :

    The 3D transitions were oh so nice and the tour of the car was very well executed. But at the end of the day this is just a spiced up personality quiz aint it?

    • w3bkitten says :

      Totally and that’s the interesting thing from an ideas point of view, it’s a glorified quiz with some excellent 3d transitions that feel like they could be an entire advergame immersive adventure. I have a feeling the idea started off big but budget and clients shaved it down to the pretty little quiz that it is.

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