Chatroulette and French Connection Competition

Now we’ve all heard of  Chatroulette!, and if you haven’t then where on earth have you been?  It’s the freaky site that’s simply taken digital geekyness to another lever over the last couple of weeks. The addictive nature of peeking into the lives, rooms and weird behaviours of individuals around the world is almost too much to resist, add raging hormones into the mixed and it is destined for success.

Here’s the very clever part and why I’m a big fan of the lads over at Poke London, it didn’t take them long to latch onto the new “platform”  and give it a twist for one of there clients that’s spot on brand. I love this, to me this is what digital creative is about taking new exciting technologies and fusing them with brands that are relevant!

French Connection using it’s blog called Manifesto, have launched an interesting competition – Seduce a woman at Chatroulette! and send the proof of that seduction to win a 250 pounds voucher, don’t you just love the challenge… which mortal man could refuse! I’m planning on getting all the lads in the office to try their luck!

Can you prove yourself by venturing into the most terrifying terrain on the internet to seduce a woman? Can you conquer the sinister world of Chatroulette?


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One response to “Chatroulette and French Connection Competition”

  1. dany says : is chatroulette online 7 days 7 hours 2 and 24 for men and women who want to chat via webcam on the internet randomly. Site totally free and easy to use

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