Doritos King of Ads Campaign

Check out the new Doritios Campaign –  Doritos UK have decided to launch their own consumer generated commercial contest: “King of Ads”. All British creatives & film makers invited to create and submit their Doritos ads in an online contest in partnership with Channel 4.  The best spot of the campaign has a chance to win £ 200,000 and beside of that it would be aired on British TV channels in June through July. Not a bad prize at all.

Check out the campaign website here :-


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2 responses to “Doritos King of Ads Campaign”

  1. Jason Fairley says :

    It’s a fun competition, and last year’s winner was well deserved. One great thing about this year’s competition is that the organizers made 74 tracks of music available for us all to use in our ads, something which is such a no-brainer in retrospect. I don’t think we would have been able to go out an record the track we used in our ‘MAN Vs. CHILLI’ ad ourselves:

  2. Jabril Muse says :

    Jason good luck with the competition.

    Here’s my entry

    Hope you like it. Cool blog btw!

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