LYNX Effect – Keeping Keeley

Interesting new campaign from Lynx on Facebook – check out Keeping Keeley. Female boredom is the mission and you have to make sure the lovely Keeley doesn’t get too bored!  High end video productio, and well scripted story makes this what happens next scenario game engagning and fun. Oh and having Keeley adds that extra little twist for the guys –  very Lynx using gorgeous girl and geeky guy.

The facebook user interaction is clever, once  you successfully help Keeley get out of what ever situation she lands in, you can brag about it on your facebook wall, so all your mates can see ‘Keeley conquests’ ( Their words not mine!! ) Do guys really do this? I’ll have to keep an eye on this campaign to see.

I glad to see that Lynx are using facebook as a platform for content rather than driving their target audience to a microsite…. does this mean the death of the microsite?


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