Diesel are Being Stupid!

Check out Diesel’s new campaign,  Be Stupid. I love the thinking behind this campaign and more importantly a brand that pushes original thinking and daring concepts  full of wit and irony. It’s a very simple concept –  smart people may have the brains, but stupid people have the balls. The balls to be bold, be brave the balls to create new stuff, the balls to do crazy  weird outrageous things and the balls to have amazing stories to tell.

So how do Diesel get consumers engaged, easy really with a great campaign like this – get people to send in their stupid videos to Diesel and they could win the chance to be featured in the video catalogue/music clip they will produce over the next few months. Nice! ( Stupid video here I come! ) I love the print executions even more, they inspire me to have adventures, live life, be bold and break all the rules!

I’m all for stupid are you?


About w3bkitten

Creative Director at AKQA NYC

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