The Lovely Bones

Having read many Novels in my time I could easily  list a number that are my favourite, but there is one book that had a profound effect on me and touched the deepest emotion, that it stands out above the rest.  When a book is capable of stirring such emotion, you release how great it really is.

The novel is The Lovely Bones written by Alice Sebold.  I found the story deeply moving, prehaphs lossing a loved one, at a young age caused this emotional effect on me, who knowns.  From the start you know this story will be different, Alice Sebold, turns the conventinal happy ending  upside down, revealing in the opening paragraph that her narrator, 14-year-old Susie Salmon, is dead, the victim of a rape and murder.

So I am excited but nervous at watching Peter Jackson’s movie of this brillant novel, excited to see the Director of Lord of rings, bring this story and the characters in it to life. But also nervous, the book really caused a release of trapped emotion about death, life and bought many questons in mind about life after death and I wonder will this movie do the book any justice?

Alice’s novel is about pain, death and the changes people go through in an attempt to heal that pain. It’s rare to find a novel that starts with a compellingly  good idea and then actually delivers on it. I hope this movie when it launches here in the UK is as impactful as the book.

Check out trailer  the film launches Nationwide in Feb 19


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