Pepsi Refreshes the world Campaign

Interesting change of direction for the giants of branding, Pepsi after pulling their multi-million dollar Superbowl opening ad and swaping it in favour for a $20 million social campaign. Some big decsions have obviously been made around some rather big boardrooms, adn i salute the man or woman in the suit that gace the final thumbs up… about time Pepsi! In fact I almost wonder why it took them so long to do it in the first place, social media and creating a two way converstation is the way forward for all brands in 2010.

I’m astonished that they only have 250,000 (actively engaged) facebook fans compared to Coke’s 4 million plus! 250k is a big number, but in comparison, it means they haven’t really been able to compete with coke online, and Pepsi are playing catch up, so i hope they have some clever creatives and stratergy peeps over on their team as they need to impress in this arena!

Say hello to the  ‘Pepsi Refresh Project’. What’s this all about then?  The global community nominates projects that need funding in local communities, you upload your video / project profile, get as many votes as you can by spaming the  usual social sphere and the top projects will win funding from $5k, now that’s putting your money where your Superbowl AD nolonger is!  It doesn’t start till 13th of January, but you can download official submission tool-kits to get ready!

I’m planning to keep a very close eye on this campaign and I am interested to see how it pans out for Pepsi, deep down I really want them to do really well in the social sphere and starting breathing down the neck of Coke, so this race gets a little more heated and interesting! With that in mind lets give them a little helping hand – re-tweet – re-blog and share!

Check out the Pepsi Re-fresh Campaign –


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