Stumbled upon this great campaign for Heineken created by Ruby Agency and Producced  by Unit9. After the success of last year’s Enjoy Heineken Responsibly campaign, Heineken continues talking about the signs people start to show when they’ve had one too many. Think we all have a few stories to share after New years, we all have a friend thats transforms into an embarrassing character, don’t we? Well, Heineken defined these characters as The Crier, The Fighter, The Sleeper, The Exhibitionist, The Groper and this year we have two new ones, which have been created based on your feedback: The Flirt and The Stumbler. ( Don’t you just love these, i know one of each! )

What’s awesome about this campaign is that Heineken give you the TOOLS to use all night long: before (the Know The Signs website), during (with the iPhone “Breathalyzer”) and after (with the “Tag of Shame” social network application). With these tools you can connect with your friends and share opinions about self-awareness on a night out and this is the clever thing about these tools, Heineken enables the conversation between friends. Awesome campaign and great tools for engagment, I want a client like Heineken.

Check out the Tag of Shame a favourite of mine as well as the iPHONE + “Breathalyzer”,


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