Iphone application taking too long? – Get a little more creative!

Dear steve jobs, please pay attention

So, think of the scenario, you create a great application, speand day and night making it and then… submit it to the depths of Apple’s approval department and wait, andd wait. But the Swedes like to do things a little differently, right now, two Swedes are parked outside the Apple headquarter in Cupertino, California, they have signs and banners. They are trying to get Steve Jobs’ attention, so  he will  hurry up and approve the iPhone application for SVT Play, they can wait no longer. What’s great about this is they’ve made a little campaign out of it…

…you can watch them live on dearstevejobs.com, that’s bound to attract his attention, Hey Steve! . On the website, the Swedish people are trying to hurry Steve up in a number of different ways. For example by voting yes, recording video messages to Steve, and by spreading the word to friends through Facebook and Twitter. I really like the large button concept,  that Steve can push to approve it, simply.

The Advertising Agency behind this cheeky tactic is  Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden, so give them a helping hand re- tweet, re-blog and get Steve to pull his finger out – visit the website here


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