Dramatic Chimpunk aka Bansky

Remember the Dramatic Chipmunk? Well quite frankly who doesn’t we’ve used it countless time in our presentations to demonstrate to clients that you can’t predict what will go viral, so it’s no surprise these break out videos are from LG. LG are are promoting a compelling contest, if you can show LG what you would do if you could LIVE BORDERLESS™, you can win a business class round the world ticket, $100,000 (yes that’s $100K!) and eighty days to complete your ultimate journey.

So what’s this got to do with the chipmunk I hear you cry, well LG chose to recreate the chipmunk as a focus for the campaign because in LG’s version, the little fellow escapes and goes on his own journey. You can catch him on his adventures in  4 more videos which show our favourite Chipmunk on his journey. ‘Dramatic Chimpunk aka Bansky is a clear favourite of mine!

So check out the competition site here – http://www.liveborderless.net/ , you can also view the adventures of our little chipmunk here in all the videos to their are five in total. I’ll be keeping my eye on this little campaign to see how it’s going, so share and re-tweet this please.

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