Intel’s Xmas E-card – rips off Elf yourself!

Intel’s wanted to give it’s consumers a Merry, Musical Christmas with its personalized Xmas eCard. All you need to do is  choose a card style  – a backdrop, personalize that message,  share it with everyone. You know the routine we’ve seen it all before.

Hmmmmm I say to myself  does this sound like and look like that aged old favourite ‘elf yourself’ I think it does. For a brand that is all about innovation and future thinking, they played very safe with this Xmas card and although it’s nicely wrapped and delivered it’s nothing new, it’s not fresh as crisp white snow and it doesn’t  inspire me because I used Elf yourself about 2 weeks ago!

Come on Intel you can do better than this….. Ok so you used facebook connect to make the user experience flow better, but a power house like you needs to get more creative, bold and daring! Contact me if your ideas machine is not working…. because you need to do better than this!

Check out the Intel xmas offering here – what do you think?


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