Secret Cinema in London social entertainment!

Everyone loves a secret so you’ll enjoy this little one, in London the big screen has gone underground. Secret Cinema is a new secret event, it’s more about people getting together than about watching a film. It’s a great experience to get away from the hubbub of multiplex cinemas, with bad service and bad seats, this is about passion for film, good company and excitment of the event.

What I am liking about Secret Cinema is its a clever way to to connect people through the Internet so that they find themselves back out in the real world at a great  event. And it’s working, Secret Cinema is already creating a massive fan base for film – 60,000 followers to date – and has Windows phone as its brand partner, not a bad partner to jump into bed with! So how does it work, with ninja guerrilla tactics Secret Cinema has carefully crafted manoeuvres they create a secret event and hold the mystery right up until the last moment, then using e-mail and social networks to demand that the fans: ‘listen up’ to the stylised instructions of where the next event might be held. ‘Remember: tell no one’ is its byline.

Drama builds through hidden clues in the text,  showing the flick is only part of the experience  it is as much about joining in, I’m certain we’ve told our clients this many times, give them an experience that makes then feel great and they will love you for it. Windows phone supplies a Twitter Wall at the events, which is interesting the way it amplifies connectivity with participants sending pictures and images and solving clues. There’s a chance to win a Windows mobile, of course!

and remember shhhhhhhhhhh tell no one! Join me for the next event –

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One response to “Secret Cinema in London social entertainment!”

  1. kseverny says :

    you’re secret is safe with me
    [hey everybody you’re never gonna believe this]

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