Mcdonald’s share their social Media Strategy

At Skive we’ve always believed in the test, track and learn method when it comes to digital, so this Mcdonald’s Social Media Strategy is an interesting read. Thank you to McDonalds a global market leader on fast food for sharing their view and vision on Social Media  and what it means for McDonald’s. I like brands that are open in sharing their thoughts and future thinking, they open the doors to allow people to beleive in and be part of their dreams.

As a digital Art director, what inspires me most about this deck is the the importance McDonald’s gives to these key learnings,

  1. Ask yourself…”How can we actively engage” vs “Should we engage?”
  2. Walk before running…Develop the right strategy for your brand vs leaping into tactical activation
  3. Collaborate…Social media has potential for a number of different departments within a company
  4. Be flexible/nimble…Some new trend that has the potential to impact your brand is always around the corner
  5. Be open to feedback…Everyone has an opinion about your brand, products, services so be open and willing  to listen

It is interesting to see the ‘Walk before running‘ & open to feedback this is how all brands should think and behave moving forward, be bold in the social media space and be smart and re-active! Well done McDonalds, this is one tasty little meal!


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