Agency Xmas Cards 2011 – And so it begins with Deck the screens

Have a look at Deck The Screens” it’s a fun little app from the folks at Deeplocal that lets you string holiday lights between all of your screens. Just create a new set of lights, share your code with some friends or co-workers (it works best if everyone is in the same physical location), and watch the lights go. Really simple, fun and I like the use of some new technologies, great stuff to get the annual ‘which agency will have the best xmas card idea’ competition going!

Deck The Screens from deeplocal on Vimeo.


Grandmother Tips you’ll simple love!

I’ve fallen in love with these photographs and posters by Chacho Puebla, featuring his adorable Great-Aunt! Check out all the posters here –

Sony’s Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER.

This is pretty impressive considering – that this guy’s room totally changes into the movie he is watching! No SFX, no post production, no cuts, everything you see here is 100% for real. Shot in three parts

Golden Stiletto winner 2011

Great honor to pick up Agency of the Year 2011 for BT Vision Experience and Weirdy Beardy Campaign. Check out the video from the event.

Take the Stress Test

This is a rather quirky approach from Fitzroy an online test especially for Dutch travel agency chain. It allows you to determine how many days of vacation you need. The test is based on voice recognition, but can be done with a keyboard as well. In order to make the test as truthful as possible, the available open-source code-based voice recognition was used. These codes analyze voices, much in the same way as online lie detectors do. The test is realistic, but the type of computer and the quality of the microphone or webcam participants use have an impact on the test. CHeck out to discover how badly you need a vacation.

Invitation Tattoo

Here’s a quirky idea used to attract and invite 300 personalities – The Brazilian Motorcycle Fair. They opted out of the conventional send and email invite instead they sent a tattoo. Three designs were created (speedy, custom and trail) and sent to the guests. At the door of the event, a readable-machine read the tattoo on the body and hey presto your in. Nice.

Formula Face – Use your face as the controller

I love creative and Tech mash ups, so here’s an interesting one from Red bull they have launched a new online racing game called Formula Face, what’s interesting is that it uses your face as the control. This is an online first – control the game with facial gestures, smart! Turn with head nods to the left and right, make faces for bonus points, turboboost by squinting. Great fun, cool and the facial gestures are worth a look.

Love the playfulness of this game – no controller no keyboard this really opens up possibilities for online gaming and gesture controlled devices. Make sure you have a play the Turbo boost squinting is mighty cool.

Naturally like any good campaign you can upload all your silly faces to Facebook and challenge your friends to see you is the ultimate in Formula Facing!

And too finish of this smart little campaign you can create and print your own Red Bull avatar, nice touch – great work. Play the game – Formula Face

My dad’s first car Chevy’s ad hits the right spot

This is advertising magic at it’s best, and for me it really resonates, I’m a huge car geek because of my dad and very much like this story as a child i remember the most amazing car journeys. So this video really captures the spirits and memories of what it means to have a car you truly love.

Herb Younger thought it was a film crew documenting three generations of an American family. Little did he know, Chevy conspired with his two sons, Jared and Derek, to return his long-lost Impala. Watch his reaction it’s priceless best gift ever!


Virgin’s treasure hunt find the bike and it’s yours

Virgin Mobile in Australia has launched a new site that’s an online treasure hunt. There are 25 awesome bikes being given away every day during the campaign. First you browse the bikes, choose the one you like, then follow the clues to discover where it is. Once you find it first, it’s yours to ride away… nice and simple have a play here

Weirdy Beardy Walk scoops IAB Creative Showcase

Great news to share – this blog has been a focus for digital ideas and inspiration and not a showcase for my own work, I have my folio site for that but every now and again it’s great to share news of awards and industry recognition. Man Walks into a barbershop charity idea was done with LBi london creative crew, each creative putting in there own time and resource with zero media spend and budget. So I’m well and truly chuffed for the team and the idea.

IAB Creative Showcase for October, launched in May 2003 by the Internet Advertising Bureau, the Creative Showcase celebrates cutting edge creativity and innovation within the online advertising sector. So I need to start thinking what’s next!

Here’s the case study for Beardy man in case you haven’t seen it!

Beardy Man Campaign – Case Study from Resh Sidhu on Vimeo.

Do you Believe? Macy’s Believe-o-Magic

Macy’s AR experience for Christmas brings Virginia and her friends to life when you mail your letter to Santa at Macy’s. Supported by a microsite . The app lets you choose your favourite characters, take photos and then customise virtual cards… it captures the spirit of Christmas for younger kids and it empowers them to do something a little more engaging once they are in the store.

What’s your Typeface?

NIKE Back 4 The Future campaign with Marty McFly

A Beautiful campaign that shows how Nike as a Superbrand can get it just right. It all began with a sneak peak into McFly’s Closet,  revealing 1,500 pairs of the futuristic and famous sneakers, first seen in the movie Back To The Future II. For fans of the movie it’s a real blast from the past, the dreams and promises we wanted from the future- suddenly they were real again! Nike did a great job in pleasing the hardcore fans of the cult classic, tapping into those childhood memores and emotions.

The campaign was explained by Michael J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly. The shoes Marty McFly wore in part II never made it to the shops sadly NIKE are not releasing them in a mass production line instead –  the 1,500 pairs of the Nike MAG shoes were available for auctioning on Ebay from 9 – 19 September, for prices varying from $ 2,000 up to a mind-blowing $ 37,000, to raise money. Brillant campaign.

Inspiring & Innovative – Making Future Magic: iPad light painting

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Everyday I seek inspiration, something new, creative, beautiful and exciting to feed my creative mind over the next few weeks I will share more of what inspires me, today it’s this ipad light painting, the film explores playful uses for the ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.

Dentsu London use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, they play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation, inspiring.

Stunning visuals don’t you think?

Whose the most Disruptive Companies in Tech?

Feast your eyes on this infographic showing the most disruptive companies in tech, intrestingly enough many of the innovations are cloud-powered, or cloud-dependent. Apple’s the clear leader in the tablet market, and eating away at the traditional computing market. Apple owns more than 68% of the tablet market, and is replacing laptops, e-readers and handheld games, that doesn’t surprise me ipad is the invention they promised us as kids!

Audi A6 Launches a disappointing YouTube Driving Experience

Audi has launched the world’s first interactive YouTube driving experience for the new Audi A6. Take a look at interactive YouTube experience it uses the indexing feature so you can control the video with your keypad numbers, allowing you to jump from section to section to provide the illusion that you are actually controlling the car. But the problem is it doesn’t feel slick, I’m not moved by the experience and it doesn’t fill me with excitement about the cars performance – it’s a clunky way of showing the driving experience – I’m a real Motorhead and I can’t see this appealing to any real drivers.

This is a great example of brands trying too hard to be innovatie using new channels and technology, but failing. Not staying true to what the brand is about is the biggest mistake you can make, knee jerk reactions ‘lets have a Facebook page and Twitter account’ is a dangerous road and i am surprised Audi has jumped on the band wagon. Audi is about the driving experience, their mission statement “We delight customers worldwide” is at the very core of the Company’s drive to become the number one in the premium segment. This Youtube experience is not premium it’s flat.

Via: Aden Hepburn on

Steve Jobs R.I.P – Here’s to the crazy ones

I couldn’t end the day without a tribute post to Steve Jobs who sadly lost his battle with cancer. Those of us who have grown up being inspired, captivated and intrigue by Apple will understand the immense sadness felt by millions across the world. Steve Jobs has left behind the greatest brand in history and a legacy of product innovation that will inspire all creatives, inventors, designers to Think Different.

Star wars moments – what’s your favourite?

The force needs your help to decide the all-time favorite Star Wars moments across the entire Saga. Interesting to see this site built in HTML 5 with 300 of the most memorable Star Wars scenes from this epic saga. It’s our opinion that counts; you have the opportunity to have your say by rating any and all moments on a scale of 1-5 stars, select your six favorites, decide the victors in countless moment vs. moment battles, and even share specific moments with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

For quick viewing, you can sort through the 300 Star Wars Moment by episode, or even by one of the following tags: Funny, Epic, Dark, Romantic, and Inspiring. Adding to the fun, you help decide what Moments fit into each category.


Face Substitution from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

Payments made easy

This is really smart way to make payments easy and it’s already started in Sweden since June, anyone can take card payments. You and your friends. Your business. All you need is an iPhone and iZettle. Find out more here-

Mythical Unicorn @lbilondon

1. A mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
2. A heraldic representation of such an animal, with a twisted horn, a deer’s feet, a goat’s beard, and a lion’s tail.

Copywriter gets creative with his CV

When it comes to CV’s we encourage all creatives, designers and copywriters to think a little differently, here’s one copywriters approach to getting a job and getting noticed what you think? Seen better examples please share!

Infographic of the day – iOS vs Android

Check this nifty little infographic out, iOS vs Android, it’s certainly the battle of the app stores, with Android’s growing at over 500% in comparison to Blackberry’s almost 300%, leaving Apple’s iOS App Store growing at just over 100% year on year… whose’s side are you one folks.

Urban Tour ASOS launch global interactive campaign

This is stunning piece of digital creative from BBH and Stinkdigital, created for ASOS. The platform “urban tour” promotes the autumn/winter 2011 menswear collection and it focuses on the latest trends in culture, music, art and fashion from seven cities – London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.

This is the TV ad – supported by the online campaign

Beautiful interactions combined with talented performance artists creates for a unique experience thats a very interesting direction for ASOS. You can interact with the film by clicking on an individual dancer, who breaks out from the group and launches into their performance. All the dancers are dressed in ASOS clothing and users can click to buy the garments at any point during the film, this is a innovative way to showcase a new range and much more compelling way to buy.

Broadwalk Empire – Vintage NYC Subway Train

Have a look at this promotion done by HBO for the second season of Boardwalk Empire. They actually ran a vintage 1920s subway in New York City, I love ambient media like this that real deliver an unreal experience to the consumer, something they actually want to talk about and share. Developed by Agency BBDO.

HAVE A NOS DAY – Interactive YouTube drama

Have a look at this interactive experience on Youtube for Canadian brand NOS, the campaign is called ‘Have a NOS day’ You decide how his day unfolds over a series of 9 short video clips. The right choices lead to sweeeeet pay-offs. Party On. Only from NOS. And yes, there’s a pillow fight….  Via

Absolutely loving anything to do with stop motion at the moment, this video game style paintball match shot in one take with the Phantom Flex @ 1,000 fps is simply inspiring Directed by Saman Keshavarz, beautifully executed.

Porter Robinson // SPITFIRE (aka: CAPTURE THE CAN) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

Have a look at the making of video on youtube, looks like the guys had a whole lot of fun!

Angrybirds infographic

Inspirational – Less rain

The museum of obsolete objects

Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic you tube experience from German digital agency Jung von Matt, ‘The museum of obsolete objects.’
It a very interesting creative use of of YouTube, and nice to see agencies doing something different with the platform rather than shaking the page and having people jump out of videos! ( Although I do like those too!) Have a look for yourself –

Playstation 3DTV – Brace yourselF

Check this out  Playstation TV, you read that right folks a TV that has a PS3 built into the back of it. Deep breath!! Also has a clever little feature that enables two players to see two separate full-screen displays using the two different frames that usually create a 3D image. At E3 this week Sony announced a 24″ 3D display that will be available this fall in Japan, North America, Europe/PAL territories, and Asian countries/regions.

‘…Sony’s new Playstation 3D TV creates true side by side gaming – the end of split screen gaming as we know it…..”

The 3D Display comes bundled with 3D Glasses, an HDMI cable and the Resistance 3 title from Insomniac Games for PlayStation 3 an exciting piece of hardware,for any gamer, I’m thinking about buying a 3D TV where can I test drive this baby?

Nokia Gulp shoot by Aardman Digital

Love working @lbilondon for the simple fact it’s a great environment to collaborate and inspire creatives, today we have the lovely folks from Aardman Animations pop in to share some of their recent work and it certainly did not disappoint. Here’s some great clips and behind the scenes footage on the making of their worlds biggest stop motion film.It follows on from last year where Nokia and Aardman successfully broke the record for the world’s smallest animation, with ‘Dot’. The story starts with a lone fisherman who sets off to sea and comes up against the waves, seagulls, fish, all created using massive sand animation, carved in the beach itself. The lone fisherman catches a huge sea monster that, suddenly swallows him…

What’s fantastic is that this was all shot on a Nokia N8 mobile phone on the beach, yes they stepped outside in the realt world and looks like the team lapped it up against some pretty rough conditions, High winds and the tide coming in, where all factors the crew needed to over come. The result is inspiring and impressive, it’s a great example of thinking outside the studio space and taking yourself out the comfort zone to create something beautiful.

What I love about this creative idea is it demonstrates the Nokia Phones capabilities in a much more compelling and inspiring method, simple idea beautifully executed. Three Nokia N8 phones were situated 36 meters above the ground on a cherry picker on a beach in South Wales, UK, shot a canvas of 42.71 meters x 24 meters creating the ‘World’s Largest Stop-motion Animation Set’. A custom made rig was designed to house the N8 handsets, massive sand drawings were made by team of sand artists and 30 art student volunteers, with each art piece being smoothed over and re-drawn every 4-minutes, shooting up to 75 frames per day.

Very impressive hats off to Aardman Digital great behind the scenes videos and great Stop motion.

Kia Nail art animation

Take a look at this video from Kia the worlds first nail art animation, 1,200 bottles of nail varnish, 25 days and nights 2 hours of drawing each nail and a total of 900 fingernails, they certainly maximized a small space!

Heineken – you tube experience

Heineken Taiwan has launched a rather interesting YouTube take over/Experience, based around the TVC Campaign ‘The Entrance’. There are some nice moments of interaction that really draw the user into the story and they have created an engaging experience for users. However the smart part kicks in when the stories are continued at the end, allow you to choose and discover more, have peek and explore.

Everything you need to go to bed happy

Here’s another interesting campaign from IKEA it’s an interactive social experience on YouTube. The video launches the overarching campaign based around the Big idea that IKEA having everything to get you happy to bed. However check out their YouTube channel here – This is were it gets interesting, you are delivered a full flash experience with Facebook Connect, that delivers you a bedroom that apparently gets you happy to bed. Only problem this campaign left me anything but happy.

It’s starts with a series of questions about you and your room…

Then a room begins to build from your Facebook comments, I found this rather slow & clunky.

Finally, a rendered 3D room incorporating a few personal photos from Facebook appears, that’s a nice little touch sure, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Here’s a pic of the room it created for me not really my type of happy place, more like bad hotel room. I’m being a little harsh but I expect so much more from Ikea, only recently did I blog one of there new innovative campaigns – this doesn’t feel on brand for me.

It ends with a social shopping experience encouraging you to purchase these lovely items it so carefully handpicked…. sadly I wanted none. But let me know your thoughts?

Xmas on Wheels from Swedish Post

This is a lovely idea from the Swedish Post (Posten) taking inspiration from traditional Christmas card designs by Jenny Nystrom they created A site that showcases live Christmas scenes that replicate the card designs. Simple and very well made, love the video showcasing how the idea came about and the tech use to create it.

Visitors to the site can control the camera on wheels and take pictures of the Christmas scene and send as real cards to friends and family. A live camera travels around the Christmas scenes and users can take endless variations of photos. Visitors to the site can also choose to be the driver of the “train” and decide what should happen in the live surrounding. Lovely interaction and like the real world to digital marriage, go online and have a play –